Saturday, November 28, 2020

More tree rehab

Continuing along with some tree rehab, these were a set of plastic orchard trees that also came in box of stuff I was to use or disperse. 

These were one-colour green plastic trees. Maybe dollar store, maybe expensive GW--who knows? I painted the trunk, applied some flock (poorly) and glued them to washers and textured. (No idea why this text is suddenly centred?)

Overall, they look okay. They could use some more flocking to cover up some of the green fronds. I give them one in chance in three of receiving additional time on the workbench.


EY said...

The flock makes them look pretty good even with the exposed fronds. I actually kind of like the mix of lighter and darker greens.

Your centering issue is probably because the text is inside the center tags for the images. The updated blogger editor takes a bit getting used to.

Bob Barnetson said...