Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Buffy plus monsters

For Christmas, Santa brought me some Buffy the Vampire Slayer minis in 25mm. These have a real 1990s vibe to them, with lobster hands and gun-fight poses but they do a pretty decent job of capturing the characters.

Above we have Giles, Xander, Willow and Cordellia. Below, Spike, Buffy, Tara and Angel. I had to do a few swaps as there wasn't a Xander or Cordellia figure so rand0-vamps were converted with paint.

I primed these white and painted with washes. Combined with white skin and black duds, that lead to some issues when taking pictures so pardon the washed out snaps. Below we have the Master and Drusilla (centre) with two more rando-vamps flanking them.

I also bought a fistful of Reaper plastics on line. These include the worm and werewolf below. I think these were pre-paints? So I added some highlights and wash.

There are quite a few more of these to come, although the rest require painting.

Up next: some clix-repaints, assuming clear bases arrive.


  1. Were these official licensed minis? Who made them?

    I have a Buffy, Willow and Spike, but they're knockoffs from Hasslefree miniatures...

    1. Tim, these are GZG miniatures. They are not licensed miniatures (as far as I know) and (based on the sculpts) look to be contemporaneous with the show's run. They are old-school 25mm (fit in well with my 25mm WEG Star Wars) and are notably shorter than newer 28mm.

    2. Nice! They nailed Spike, and Tara, and Willow and Buffy and Giles aren't too bad. Zander looks like a generic middle-gaged 1920s detective (minus the fedora) or something...?

    3. There was no Xander figure available, so I think I repurposed the Angel figure (giving him a bowling shirt and tan chinos) and then using an extra Spike for Angel. Cordellia is also a vampire figure repurposed as there was no figure for her. Also no Oz. Up soon are some not-Lego Buffy figures I got in the mail--they had figures for everyone!

  2. Love the beautiful civilians on the first picture, and this impressive worm!