Saturday, April 1, 2017

Aurelian and Punic Wars

I dropped in on Bruce Tuesday to continue our Aurelian/Punic Wars campaign. The battle we had to fight was a botched invasion of Sicily by Carthage (thanks Poseidon!). Bruce was significantly outnumbered and the game was quick.

I pinned his light cavalry as best I could and moved forward with my legions. He tried to swing around with his cavalry but that came to nothing.

It was valiant but hopeless for Carthage. The casualties here transferred back to the board game and compounded his naval losses.

The upshot was a revolt by a province in North Africa and Rome finally came approximately even in production. I then made a naval attack in Sicily and lost a lot of boats (which, strategically, was the goal because maintaining the boats as hamstringing my ground game). Bruce the consolidated in southern France and I moved to occupy my new possession in North Africa.

We stopped the game with a huge Scipio v Hannibal battle in Gaul pending. When we reoslve that via miniatures next time, I'll then come back to finish my board game turn and build up forces to threaten him in Carthage. This week, though, we have a club night with Bruce bringing out Pulp Alley. I've pointed up some preliminary Batman leagues that I'd like to try out at home.

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