Saturday, March 25, 2017

Pulp Alley and 54mm Highlanders

I actually made it out to a club night this past week! Bruce kindly hosted Terry and me in a game of Pulp Alley. A game mechanic are plot points and these figures below were placed about the table to indicate where these were.

Players contact a plot point to undertake a challenge and secure extra cards and/or meet victory conditions.

The game was a gangsters themed game. The cops had to escort Mr. Big across the table while the gangsters needed to get him alone and then resolve a plot point.

The cops were added by a variety of radio heroes, including the Shadow, the Green Hornet and Cato. In the end, the gangsters kind of goofed their way to victory (but we're not proud--a victory it was!).

Overall, fun mechanics. I wonder if it would work for Batman. At the other table, Dave hosted Scott and Craig in a 10mm Kursk game. Below, Craig is leading the motherland to a bloody victory.

I finished off a few more 54mm AWI guys, This time, I turned my brush to some highlanders from ATKMs. Nice figures. I wish I had the skills to do them justice.

There was about three times the detail on the highlanders (damned fabrics!) as on other figures so I only finished four of the eight figures. I think I am satisfied--I certainly won't be stripped them.

I have four more (including bagpiper) underway but have set them aside while I do a bunch of rebel militia (which go much faster!) and regain my patience.

Up next: I'm planning on gaming with Bruce this week. If I can find some time to read Pulp Heroes, I will also give some thought to a Batman game.


  1. The Highlanders look great Bob!

  2. Those highlanders do look very nice indeed.

    Also, I've used Pulp Alley for superhero stuff and I reckon it worked pretty well. Particularly for a 'low-level'super like Batman.

    1. Thanks PbD; I'm excited to give PAca try for Bats.

  3. Great stuff! Big fan of Pulp Alley!

  4. To answer the Pulp Alley Batman question Bob, yes it would work, like Gordon above I to am a big fan of PA & I would say it is one of if not thee most flexible game around.