Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Buildings and vehicles

Still grinding out some more of the buildings I bought at the model train swap in October. The first one is a firehall that I have owned at least four times in my life at various stages. This one required a new door on the front and some paint.

The decals are from an old HO-scale town set I bought maybe five years ago. The car is just a Matchbox or Hot Wheels sedan that I have had for awhile. Below we have a second building that was more beat up. I made the side a dry goods store while the front has a book shop and a pipe store.

The news van and the cop car are new. I did slight paint improvements on each. Te cop car got a better light bar and the van got its head and taillights painted. They are too small for the figures but match the terrain (which is basically what they are) pretty well.


Unknown said...

I was just reviewing your selection of WW2 miniatures. What rule system do you use?

I am waiting on an order of German and Russian armour and infantry for my skirmish armies.


Bob Barnetson said...

Brad, I have been using Memoir 44 lately. Over the years we've played lot of systems (Blitzkrieg Commander, Crossfire).