Friday, June 24, 2016

Memoir 44: Escobar

We had seven guys at the club on Tuesday, including newcomer John. Kevin and I played a game of Memoir 44, which allowed me to get my new German tanks plus a bunch of figures I got from Tim in Saskatoon on the board.

This was a German counter attack in the days following D-Day against a combined British airborne and tank group. A tough attack for the Germans, especially given the number of JABOs they faced!

Kevin fought valiantly but had a bad time with the dice. A very close game. A refight going the other way saw the Germans win in a last minute bit of lucky dice

Dave brought out a 6mm game of team Yankee. It looked bleak for the forces of capitalism as I was leaving.

Up next: I've got some more 1/72-scale models on the way. And a bunch of character figures for Dragon Rampant just arrived and will be primed this weekend. I am hopeful to bring a game out to the club in early July.


Miniature Wargaming The Movie said...

Of course you won if you're Germans! (no bias here! haha) Well done, looks like a good match.

Bob Barnetson said...

One game each way, although the first game (British win) was total jabo-fest!