Sunday, April 17, 2016

Were-bear? There bear!

The good weather has kept me away from the painting bench these past few weeks, but I have a few pieces that I finally finished.

As I was painting up the 15mm Battlelore figures, I also picked up Dragon Rampant and started looking around for a few monster figures. Kevin kindly gifted me three were/dire bears/wolves.

These are 28mm sculpts so they suitably dwarf the 15mm goblins I have posed them with. I might go back and put some more red in the eyes as the wash dulled the original eyes.

I didn't have any spackle with which to match the Battlelore bases so I just sanded and painted to match.

I've also been cleaning out some stuff from my shelves to donate to the club auction. There will be lots to buy!

Up next: I plan to run a game of CCA (Romans v Romans) at the club this week and even got far enough along to have picked out the units needed for the scenario I'm running. I also have a bunch of goblin lizards riders almost done.

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AdamC1776 said...

Love the Werebrears