Tuesday, April 5, 2016

More goblins!

A few more goblins have rolled off the painting line. First up are some of the goblin lizard cavalry. The sword turned out nice on this one, hey?

These guys were from the original base set and painted up nicely enough. I will vary the tunic colours as I move onto the rest of them to create more of a horde effect. I should have done the lizards' claws.... Maybe I'll go back and do that.

I also did some archers. I think these guys were from an expansion. All are lefties and are a bit bigger then the goblins in the original set.

There is some nice carved detail on these guys (e.g., the bow case).

Finally, I did up a unit of heavier goblins from one of the expansions.

Up next: It is club night and I'm working larger were-beasts that Kevin gifted me.

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