Friday, January 15, 2016

Sherman paint fiasco and Battlelore troops

So, over the Christmas holidays, I painted up some Shermans for a game in a hurry. I didn't let the spay primer cure and, when I applied the matt finish, the paint crackled. You can see the crackling in the picture below on the right. I've never seen that before. 

I didn't want to have to strip and repaint the tanks so I tried to fix it with a second coat of the magic dip (above left). This muted the crackle appreciably. I then dull coated against and the result is acceptable (below). I need some US and Russian stars to finish these (and some other tanks)--anyone have some 15mm or 20mm decals they want to sell?

I have been painting the figures in my Battlelore game. I finished 16 medium foot. The results are okay (why are they all left-handed?).

The addition of some Little Big Man decals really help the figures along! These were a tiny bit fiddly to apply and needed some paint to make them fit. But overall I'm happy.

The crispness of the decals creates a much better effect than I could likely get with my shaky hand!

Up next: Bruce is hosting Cry Havoc at the club and I am painting on the Battlelore figures!