Thursday, October 8, 2015

October 6 Club Night

We had 18 guys out at the club on Tuesday night, which was pretty impressive. Craig ran a multi-player game of Songs of Blades and Heroes.

Bruce hosted six of us in a game of Maurice. The evil red coats slowly marched across the table towards the noble French.

Then there was a long period of ineffective small arms fire. Meanwhile, over on the French left, the dashing wing commander sought to spoil things and maybe bag a French gun. Despite a dastardly spoiling attack by the Prussian (?) cavalry, the French managed to inflict slightly worse losses than the took and then advanced to the rear to regroup.

By that point, the British had decided they could not amass enough fire on the French and took to the boats.

There was also a playtest of Guildball (above) and an ACW game using the Altar of Freedom rules.

Up next: I'm currently basing more WW2 paratroops and also working my way through the rules of Wildness Empires. I expect a commission of Star Wars figures to appear in my mailbox tomorrow.


  1. That small ACW game had good terrain. Looked fun.

  2. Good seeing this many guys out, would be even better to sustain it!