Friday, February 27, 2015

CCN Prussians

Bruce hosted me in two games of CCN on Tuesday, pulling out the new Prussian expansion for CCN. The key Prussian difference is related to morale: multiple retreat flags has a cascading effect on how far the units must retreat but the Prussians can also use their iron will chits to ignore flags.

I don't recall the scenario, but it was a balanced one. Despite two French wins, the games were close. The Prussians (background) were reasonably well positions but the French could grab the two towns on the left or clear the woods on the right for victory banners.

You can see (above) that I managed to use each of my units to their fullest (lots of single blocks retreating). The Prussian player could also gain a victory banner for each pair of units he moved off his own board edge (fighting retreat). Almost saw that happen once but the cards were cruel to the Prussians.

Up next: A bunch more 54mm guys are finishing up and I am working on some 25mm Star Trek (???) figures. I hope to bring out some 54mm AWI to the club this week.

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