Tuesday, September 23, 2014

10mm Dropships and infantry

I finished up the human faction Craig asked me to paint for him out of the Dropship Commander starter box. There are three drop ships, with two variants.

These are pretty nice models. They can be rigged with magnets (by modellers more skilled than I) to actually carry the other models they are supposed to "drop". I added some decals but I didn't try magnets!

They also some with clear flight stands that I did not assemble (will likely break in transit so I left them on the sprue. These stands allow the ships to hover over the table about three inches up.

I also painted and based six stands of infantry. Nothing like a photo to bring out the part of the base you forgot to paint... . (I will get that fixed Craig!). These were nice models but painting 10mm is trickier than I recall it being when my eyes were younger!

Up next: I'm of to game with Bruce tonight. Then more Dropship Commander stuff and a slight diversion into some 54mm models.


  1. Yes, a few AWI guys I picked up on TMP. Wow, 54mm is a lot of painting!

  2. Hell, yeah! No mistaking vent-hole flash for shakos on 54mm. Of course, there is more detail to paint...