Wednesday, February 26, 2014

World at War: Soviets versus Yanks

Last night Bruce hauled out the World at War WW3 scenario he ran at the club last week. He adjusted the mechanics by reducing the American activations by half and we were off. My very small number of US tanks was tasked with seizing a village from a horde of over-extended Soviets.

The Soviet tanks moved to intercept me but smoke choked off their fire lanes. In the meantime, I leap-frogged across their front (wow, an actual tactic!) to get over to the right and drive on the village.

The Soviets eventually burst through the smoke, hoping to catch my flank exposed and me engaged with the town's defenders (what a jerk!). But the Abrahms beat the hell out of the T-72s and the Soviet command ordered an advance towards the rear. Then a bunch of T-55s got munched.

After several more turns of nasty firefights with the Soviet infantry, it came down to the last card of the last turn and the stinking Soviets held on for the win. Arrrrrgh!!!! But it was close.

All I have to say about this system is wow. It completely redeems modern combat for me. Simply and pleasantly abstract (in a DBA-style) but still recreates a lot of tough decisions. Do I move or fire? Oh wait, I'm a late '80s US tanker. I'll do both. BBQ perogies anyone?

Up next: I have a bunch of 1/72 ancients half done. My sore back and a slight flood have stalled me out but I am hopeful I'll be ready to go for Tuesday at the club.

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