Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hammerin' Iron: 1/600 ACW ironclads

I pooped by Bruce's last night for a game and out of the tickle trunk come some 1/600-scale ACW ironclads he mad from wood (mostly popsicle sticks) back when he was a teenager. Now I won't speculate on precisely how old these are, but I imagine Shaun Cassidy pounding from the hi-fi when these keels were being laid down.

We used Peter Pig's Hammerin' Iron rules. These gave a good game but likely won't appeal to historical purists. About the same level of complexity as Full Thrust. Interesting maneuvering decisions and the diversity of ships made for a real ragtag fleet feel.

Above we have the targe... errr... transports I was to sack (along with bomb the fort, burn the supplies and sink the enemy--it was quite a laundry lists of tasks). Below my fleet tangles with the lead elements of Bruce's fleet. He basically got penny-packeted to death.

I managed to eek out a decisive win (there was a significant amount of luck involved). A second game would have been quite different, I imagine. Quite a fun game all told. And I have never played an ACW ironclads game so that is off the bucket list!

Up next: Some 1/72 7th cavalry are half painted.

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