Tuesday, June 4, 2013

1/72 Celts

Today 24 Strelet's Celts have rolled off the production line. These fellows are part of my miniaturizing Commands and Colors Ancients project.

Overall, nice figures but with a fair bit of flash to clean up. The figures are a bit two-dimensional. To off-set that, there are a couple of poses in this set (more come tomorrow) with separate weapons. These have more depth but tend to be very perpendicular (if that makes any sense).

That said, I like the beefy nature of these figures to the thinner poses of, say, HaT--they remind me of metals and go well with some MiniArt Germans I just primed. Nothing wrong with Hat--I have a couple boxes of those to paint up as well.

Up next: The rest of these Celts are being based. And I have some more 1/72 that is primed and ready to paint, including some US 7th Cavalry and some ancient Germans.


  1. You have done a fine job of these! Strelets produce good figures. Well done, I really like your work.

  2. Thanks kindly. Yes, the strelet's stuff is nice. I think it mixed well with mini art. NOt so much with some of the thinner sculpts but there are likely some good metals that would mix in.

  3. Very nice and lively painting. I agree, Strelets can be good, just avoid mixing them with thinner figures.

    By the way, they are Ancient Germans, not Celts :) .