Friday, September 21, 2012

New camera

My trusty Fuji fell in the lake this weekend during an exit from the canoe (along with my wife's cell phone--it was a horrible thing to watch, actually) so I have been forced to brave the shiny halls of Best Buy in search of a replacement. I settled on a mid-range Sony point-and-shoot and started testing it out last night.

One of my issues with the Fuji was it didn't handle many reds all that well (they became dayglow even thought the primer was black). The Sony seems to do a better, albeit not perfect job with the reds. The big improvement, though, is the macro setting seems to have a deeper depth of field and makes adjustments for light better so I don't need to do any post-shooting work on these pictures except crop them.

I thought a comparison might be interesting.

Above is the new camera (only cropping) and below is the older camera (sharpening and brightness adjusting). The picture above is a better representation of what the base actually looks like. I'll have to fiddle around outdoors and see how it does there.

Up next: I have a bunch more Hallowe'en HoTT bases drying and more figures to base. I ahve also started with the 15mm cavalry commission I have sitting on my table.


  1. Commiseration on your loss of kit Bob, for what it's worth, your work looks darned good anyway, mate ;)

  2. Thanks Monty. My wife bent over to step out of the canoe on a slippery set of rocks and didn't re-velcro the pocket of her life jacket closed. So out pops the camera and into the lake is goes (plop!). She reached for that and the first aid kit then slid out. When she grabbed that, her phone then went into the drink. Phone dried out, camera is hosed. But the $3 in first aid supplies are dry and good (as they were in a water-proof container). A funny story several days later. At the time there was quite a bit of swearing (which is often how family vacations end at my house!).

  3. Two thumbs up on the new camera, very good. I bought a Vivitar while on holiday after cracking the trusty old Kodak, and it is the WORST EVER PIECE OF CRAP. I am amazed at how much they differ even within the same price range.

    My missus lost her phone once, she dropped it in the portapotty at the Police concert a few years back. Needless to say, she didn't retrieve it. We should have tried to call it when the next person went in...

  4. So, does this qualify as an incidence of creative destruction?

  5. Thanks guys. Yes, definitely creative destruction!

  6. Sorry to hear about the camera Bob. A story in the papers here was a camera found in the sea by a diver. The pictures were recovered and the camera reunited with the family (although I don't think it works anymore).