Monday, August 27, 2012

28mm gatehouse

Keeping up the terrain frenzy, I painted a 28mm GW gatehouse this weekend. This was another find at the swap-meet. It is quite a nice piece and accepted the drybrushing and washing I did without really any problems.

I imagine this as more of a "fight outside the gates" or "sally forth from" piece rather than something one would have to scale or breach. That said, the top has a number of nice levels to it. Overall, a good addition to my Songs of Arthur and Merlin collection.

Up next: Some trees. I went out to Hobby Alley on 170th Street and they have added to their stock. There was a fair bit of GW stuff but I went for some more trees. I'm also working on detailing the Saxon warband. I'm using brighter colours than I usually do and that is slowing me down some.


  1. Hey Bob, it turned out very well indeed, considering the dark grey that it was.

  2. I like the colour scheme.


  3. Nice...the colours are very good.

  4. Thanks guys. Yes, trying to get away from grey for stones and into something a bit warmer. So sandstone with a drybrush of something lighter and then a shot of black/brown magic dip. The detail is really good so there is lots of places for shadows and shading.

  5. Need to go to more swap meets if things like this can be found at them...

  6. Yes, I was blown away at what I picked up for cheap! In among all of the 40k armies there were some nice gems.