Sunday, December 11, 2011

Gaming with Jess

While I have been continuing to paint, I'm well past my 2011 goals so I've been trying to play more. Now that Jess has turned 8, she has become a formidable opponent.

We still play simple games like Bendominos. Above you can see that she has become more aggressive, turning the ends of the lines back on themselves and (a first for us) completing a "circle" thus ending the game prematurely (and catching me with a butt-load of points still in my hand).

More exciting is that we've graduated from Forbidden Island to Pandemic. We've played four times and won twice on the intro setting and split the two games we've played on the normal setting (which is better than the boys at the club did last week...). Next up is playing Battlelore with the lore rules.

Up next: I'm working on my MayDay game (epic Battlelore, perhaps Mount Badon) and need to create some new terrain and finish off a few mounted units. I also have 100-odd 1/72 Egyptians on the go--finished their flesh yesterday and will start on their robes today. Then onto looking at some terrain to represent Gotham, which will be my major 2012 project.

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Bob Barnetson said...

Now she's 4 and 1 and I think we'll try heroic level next!