Friday, September 2, 2011

15mm Greek Hoplites

I'm working on finishing a small commission by the weekend. I moved these fellows to the end last evening.

The owner is going to base them thus they are affixed to some blue tack for the photos. They are 15mm Xyston Greeks (Thebans).

The owner sent along some decals for me to use. To apply, you pull off the plastic, affix to the shield and then wet (which disengages the paper backing). The difficulty I ran into was that the decals are flat and the shields are appreciably rounded so there was "too much" decal at the edges for it to sit flat (a bit like trying to stick a road map to a globe).

Eventually I was able to mostly burnish them down after I used a couple coats of Future to soften and adhere them. I think the quality of the shield design is pretty amazing. For these, I simply laid them down on a metal-colored shield. The second set of figures (drying now) has a mix of metal and coloured shields and the coloured shields provide more contrast. For the third set of shields, I will be going all coloured.

Up next: More hoplites and some 15mm ballistaes. Then more hoplites and some 1/72 AWI. Then maybe onto some 6mm biplanes and 25mm Star Wars. Then back to 1/72 WW1?


  1. Very very nice job. The owner will be lucky. I am looking forward to see more pictures.