Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Battlelore: I win for a change...

Jess suggested we pass a rainy evening playing some Battlelore. I chalk this up to reading the Hobbit to her at bed time. Anyhow, out came the game and off we went using one of the basic introductory scenarios.

Jess played pretty well (for a seven-year-old) and managed to put me back on my heels with her aggressive style. I keep forgetting that the optimal move is invisible for her and she tends to simply lash out.

Her she is running down my cavalry with her heavies, followed by another pursuit and beating of my foot. Below you can see her trash talking me, although note the banner count. She took defeat pretty well, all told.

Up next: I am about to base a bunch of 28mm Normans (awaiting the decals drying) and I've started painting on a bunch of GW skaven for a HoTT ratmen army. Nice figures. Crazy prices but very nice to paint and a pleasant distraction from horse and musket. After them perhaps a few more Normans for a war wagon and then I'm not sure what. Maybe some 1/72 AWI. I also have a 15mm zombie commission on the way.


  1. LOL! The effects of wargaming?? Before - A nice sweet little girl. After - Oops!!

  2. "I keep forgetting that the optimal move is invisible for her and she tends to simply lash out" - Oh I had a good chuckle about that one... Same thing happens when I play board games with my own kids.... (of course most would probably say the same about ME and the way I play wargames...)

  3. That's an impressive war face!

  4. I love the fact that you play wargames with your daughter. Good on you, young man!

    I'm more of the table-top RPG type; but, I hope my daughters (twins, 3 years old) also get into the hobby. There's hope. For the last three nights in a row they've both asked for me to read about Bilbo to them before going to bed. :^)