Tuesday, July 5, 2011

1812 camp

Last night I based up a camp for my War of 1812 armies. These are various 1/72 Imex figures from their Pioneers set along with a prairie schooner wagon.

I was reasonably happy with the composition of the camp. It looks a bit Little House on the Prairie, but I added in some trees to try and make it more Great Lakes-ish.

I quite like the guy who is fiddling.

I presume these are either camp followers or civilians the armies were (notionally!) charged with protecting.

Up next: Some more 1/72 US troops for the War of 1812 followed by a mix of British and American irregulars, dragoons and cavalry. These figures should finish out this project.


  1. Bob,

    Very cool. You always make the most inventive little vignettes.

  2. Thanks! I quite like this one. The British camp is likely to be a bit more military when I get around to it!