Saturday, November 27, 2010

Samurai test figures

Awhile back, I traded Dave Senior a bunch of painted 1/72 plastics for a bunch of unpainted Samurai from the old Clan Wars game, thinking I would do a Samurai DBA army in 28mm. After feeling daunted by the figures, I decided I would paint three figures and see how they turned out.

Overall, I'm moderately satisfied. It wasn't a complete disaster and I learned a lot. The first was that black armour might not be the ideal colour scheme. These look okay. But I wonder what a red and yellow scheme might look like.

Second, the details really matter so I'll need to slow down some. The third is that using these slotta figs on non-slotta bases is going to have a high PITA factor. But it is a start.

Up next: I'm working on 15mm Trojans and finally finished building and priming the chariots, which turned out to be less complex than I thought once I started dryfitting the pieces. Bruce is also inbound with a board game as I type. And I might take up the Table Top Gaming News challenge and get my 28mm Gallic/Celtic DBA army done over the holidays.


  1. Hey, those turned out pretty good! That's going to be a snazzy looking army - get on it!

    I have piles of those very same figures - but they're such a pain in the butt to paint I've only managed to finish ONE STAND so far!?

  2. Thanks; nice job on yours. I have a ton of basic figures but need to lay hands on a few more to convert it to HoTT. I like your colour scheme and will try the next base that way.