Wednesday, October 20, 2010

EWG Club Night

Last night was club night and, at one point, the body count was 16 which is a great turn out. We also ran our annual(ish) silent auction which raised about $365 to defray gaming fees. Not only were some folks lucky enough to win bids on new gaming stuff, Jonathan was just plain lucky:

Dave hosted a game of Black Powder Napoleonics for I don't know how many guys. Eight maybe? Helluva a game to watch! All in 1/72 plastics.

I played with Mark, Chen, Terry, and Devon in Bruce's gangster's adaptation of FUBAR. Here you can see the god guys about to get greased in game one. A dead simple system which seemed to work with no fiddling and little referencing.

And here are the baddies who had a rougher time of things in game two. A bit of an odd level of abstraction but might feel right in WW2 with multi-figure bases in each unit and area terrain.

Scott and Chris played a game of Twilight Struggle.

Up next: Some finished HoTT/DBA camps. And some 15mm AWI guys are on the painting table. Work will take me away the next few days so likely a larger update next week. I'm also sorting through my silent auction wins.


  1. Thanks for organizing the auction Bob!

  2. Thanks for getting all of that stuff out of the basement! (Bob's wife).