Tuesday, June 22, 2010

28mm Skeletal HoTT army

As promised, I finished painting the core of a 28mm skeletal HoTT army.

I've snuck the five bases of blades I previously did into this shot to show the complete 24AP army.

I needed to finish up some horses.

These look pretty good but are a bit brittle, especially after I cut them off their bases!

I also did a bunch of shooters.

This fellow seems to have picked up his bow after he cut the lawn. Everytime I see him I think he's shouting "we will rock you!".

I also did some putty work and customizing to make this hero general. I have a hero magician on the works.

These are all plastics from GW (excepting the flyer) that I have gotten either as trades or through buying remainders. The flyer is a piece from Reaper called a murder of crows.

Overall, a good start. there are some chariots (knights) as well as a bunch more shooters and then some hordes to do. I quite like Tim Brown's notion that the main skeleton troop should be hordes. I'd also like to do a lurker.

Up next: Some 28mm dwarves are underway (and going quickly) and some 15mm AWI troops should be arriving soon.


  1. Beautiful, this is a good inspiration for my next 15mm UNDEAD ARMY for IMPETUS FANTASTICUS.
    At the moment i've to finish ORC HORDE !

  2. Wow that was quick!

    Awesome stuff, Bob!