Tuesday, June 29, 2010

28mm HoTT Dwarves

I finished my first lot of 28mm dwarves for a HoTT army. My goal was to do this army using bits and pieces I could find for cheap. As it happens, I ended up with a group of dwarves and other dwarf-compatible figures through an eBay lot. I finished 8-bases today:

The front row are four bases of blades. I have another four bases of spear currently on the workbench. These were sold to me as being part of the old Battle Master game but clearly are not. The command figures (below, left) I know are GW (got them in a trade) and the other mono-pose axe-men (below, right) look like old GW. The plastic is hard but will not activate with regular aircraft glue. Weird and a pain in the butt to get the shields on. Eventually I used Future to stick them down and reinforce them.

In the lots were also three wolf-riders from Battle Master (sans riders) this these were converted to beasts. I was thinking about a Scandinavian theme for these dwarves and "good" wolves feature in some of these stories so there they are.

These horsemen are supposed to be Empire knights (again from Battle Master) but are a bit small these days for 28s. But they look like dwarves so my dwarves will have lots of damned heavy cavalry. I have another three or four bases of these to do. These fellows had two broken lances so I added on some axes and the banner is tin foil.

There are two of these heroes that are identical with the heavier barded horses. These are lovely three-piece kits--again from Battle Master.

Finally we have a generic HoTT stronghold (the tower from Battle Master).

The remainder of the army includes a cannon, some crossbow shooters, spear men and cavalry.

Up next: Well, I unexpectedly sold my skeleton HoTT army yesterday and am finishing up one piece to go with it. I have enough to build a second one in the basement so that project will come to the front burner. I might build hordes in lieu of blades this time. I also have 24 15mm AWI guys finished and drying. They need a dip then basing. There are more of these to go. And I have a job lot of elves on the way. And there is a goblin army from Battle Master awaiting attention too.


  1. I have a 28mm War of the Roses army based for DBA looking for a swedge if you are interested. Shooters, blades, knights, maybe a hero or a magician....


  2. Nice work, Bob! Those look Awesome!

    Go tromple CVTs Normans with them (In HOTT Knights don't get that Quick-Kill vs. Blades - Normans suddenly suck!)

  3. Thanks guys. I should have the remaining dwarves finished this weekend so would be happy to take on some WotR guys. CVT has disappeared so his Normans are safe--for now! Dang I like the "build it with whatever" aspect of HoTT.

  4. Knights at +4 are still pretty effective against non-foot though, and there is lots of non-foot in HOTT. They fight blade even and can outmanoeuver them in good going, plus blade cannot use any rear-rank support.

    But I agree, Kn are a bit less toothy than in DBA. But I think still a solid 2AP element. Normans might be an "average" rather than a "killer" army in HOTT.

  5. Hi, the dwarves are ex-grenadier and are still available in the uk from em4



  6. Wow, 50 dwarves for $15! Thanks Paul. Any idea what the deuce plastic are they made of? I figured they would glue with the same stuff I use for other hard plastics but no luck.

  7. Bob, at least for the EM4 miniatures - I don't have their fantasy minis, but I do have some of their sci-fi robots and fighters. Those are a strange shiny gray hard plastic, but they do glue okay with regular plastic glue.

  8. And the pound is low right now, so it's less than $15. More like $12. It's the price of 1/72 plastics. :) They are all mono-pose though.

  9. I think mono-pose is actually quite effective visually for close order troops in DBA. It's almost tempting...

  10. It's tempting to me too. The price is better than Caesar's 1/72 scale fantasy... And I'm thinking of doing some sort of fantasy army...