Friday, April 16, 2010

15mm Polybian Roman DBA army

I managed to finish of a 15mm Polybian Roman DBA army (II/33) this afternoon. It comprises mostly Old Glory figures and is a matched pair with the 15mm Later Carthaginian army (II/32) I finished early this week.

The army includes two 3Cv bases, one of which is the general.

I think these turned out nicely.

Then there are six bases of 4Bd Legionnaires. This starts with three bases of hastati. These fellows have tunics and light chest plates.

The middle base is, I think also Old Glory and could represent allies. The shading on these came up nicely.

There are three bases of principes.

These fellows have mail and pilums.

There are also two bases of 4Sp triarri with longer spears and mail.

There are two bases of 2Ps veilites.

Overall, 40 foot and 6 mounted on 12 bases. Both the Carthaginian army ($70 + postage) and the Roman army ($50 + postage) are for sale. If you take both for $120, I will cover the postage in Canada and the US. Offers to .

Up next: Some 6mm hex-based towns for CCA are on the painting table. I am also assembling some 28mm triarii from Wargames Factory (two bases) to expand my Marian Romans to Polybians. Yes, the outfit will be slightly wrong but what the hell. Currently working on making the long spears.


Bob Barnetson said...

Both sets have sold; thanks for looking!

Chen-song said...

Wow, you're a lean, mean, painting machine Bob. :)

Bob Barnetson said...

Alas, not lean. And more cantankerous than mean... :)