Saturday, April 10, 2021

Some leadership for the Cylons

A few months back, I painted up some Cylons from Crooked Dice. Nice figures and fun to paint. I was bemoaning the limited range when I stumbled across Tangent Miniatures' new range that seems designed to fill in the gaps.

These are 3-D rendered models that are cast is metal. Today, I have some leadership for the Tin Can. The Imperious Leader is kind of useless from a gaming perspective but he came with the bundle. He really needs to be on the top of a column (like a old film canister or something).

Lucifer was one of my favourite characters (better in the books than on TV). He posed two challenges: first his outfit is pretty plain. I used ouse highlight and washes to try and give him some depth. The second was his electronic brain (which was a clear dome filled with 70s electronics and glowed a bit). I decided to use a wash over the silver and that worked out okay.

Baltar is meh. The figure sort of looks like John Colicos. I used an old still to paint him. Again, meh.

Up next: Some opponents for the Cylons.

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Duc de Gobin said...

Nice work!
'By your command...'