Saturday, June 20, 2020

Clone Wars Monopoly Pieces

Continuing my tour through sci-fi Monopoly figures, this week I painted up some figures from the Clone Wars monopoly variant. I haven't watched this TV show but the figures seem to be faithful enough to the cartoon.

There are six figures in this set (four Jedi and two Sith). On top, we have Anakin, Obi-Wan and Ashoka. Below we have General Grievous, Captain Rex, and Ventress. These metal figures are pretty cartoonish, with elongated limbs and minimal detail.

The figures are huge. I've compared the two Grievouses I have (right from the Saga Monopoly game) and the Clone Wars figure is about a third bigger (based on limb lengths).

Below, I have compared the various Jedi I have: left to right we have West End Games 25mm Kenobi, Clone Wars Monopoly Kenobi, Rawcliffe 42mm Qui gon Jinn, and 32mm Saga Monopoly Kenobi.

Overall a fun paint but of little utility for gaming so likely these will end up for sale.

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