Saturday, May 2, 2020


For a change of pace, I opened up the Zombicide prison expansion I bought years ago and hauled out some Zeds. The box has the usual assortment and regulars, runners, fatties and toxic zombies.

I broke the regulars into two groups (cops and robbers) to mix up the batch and then started with the prisoners. These 8 are the first half of that lot.

My plan was to see how little I could do and still get a passable result. So spray prime grey, drybrush lighter grey, block paint orange (and a bit of white), wash, splatter with blood, and seal. For literally the most half-assed painting you can imagine, they turned out pretty good!

I have a second batch of prisoners underway. But before them, I'm going to paint some Star Wars monopoly tokens I bought. Then the Zeds. Then maybe some toxic Zeds? 

Since summer has arrived and the garden, my kayak and my bike all call, I'm going to slow the rate of posts to once per week until the autumn.

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