Monday, July 24, 2017

1754 and CCN at the club

 We had 10 guys out at the club last week with some GW 8th Edition, CCN, and 1754 on offer.

Dave ran a pair of 10mm CCN games. I didn't see how the second one turned out but there was a fair bit of moaning and swearing at the table during the first game.

I ended up running a game of 1754 after we discovered a pivotal piece of Terry's Lobotomy game was on his desk at home. Chen took the Brits and Terry played the French. Terry had really awful die rolls for the first half of the game, taking it very well.

Chen took advantage of this, pushing up the Ohio Valley (below, foreground) and into Nova Scotia (below, background). Not much happened in the middle of the map.

Eventually, the dice came around (or at least evened up) and Terry moved down the Niagara region.

Chen played both his truce cards but the random initiative mechanic gave Terry two impulses to garb territory and (I think) he squeaked out a win with a rapid drive south towards Boston.

Overall, a very nice game.

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