Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Even more Longstreet!

Bruce and I continued our Longstreet campaign on Monday night. This was a meeting engagement and we each had objectives to protect. The picture below is pretty much the start lines. I hoped to draw Bruce's cavalry onto my guns (on the right) but then got a "that's not on the map" card that put rocky ground in his way. His horse eventually turned back and played no role in the rest of the game.

In the middle, our lines came together and the north was repulsed. In the very background on the left you can see a brave cavalry charge by the flower of southern chivalry against the north's pitiless guns... .

What followed was a bloody shoot-out while Bruce whittled down my cavalry unit on the left and I shot up his new Zouaves on the right.

The game ended with a northern victory, but I'd say no one really won that game! Fortunately, the south was able to recover during the campaign phase and will rise again against their foes.

One of the nice pieces of the campaign system is that it is simple and keeps the games balanced. It is interesting but not so interesting as to over-shadow the miniatures game. I look forward to my war-weary foot and blood thirsty cavalry giving Bruce's northerns a right thrashing on Monday!

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