Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunday Modelling: 1/72-scale WW2 Brits

A long-dormant project is Memoir '40 in 1/72 scale. I have the campaign book and all of the terrain put together. It is just a matter of getting the troops bought and finished. I'd like each unit of infantry to be represented by a multi-figure base supplemented by individual figures that can be removed for casualty-tracking purposes. Kind of like this:

I spent a fair bit of time on PSR trying to get the "right" troops. Walking through a local model shop. I saw some 1/72 Zvezda troops and a box of old Airfix WW2 Brits and "right" gave way to "right now" and all of the equipment inaccuracies that entails.

I did three bases of British BEF from the Zvezda lines: one of infantry and two MG sections. I also have a mortar section I will put together one day! I supplemented these with three home-made bases using Airfix figures. Not quite a pretty but functional.

The rest of the Airfix figures I mounted individually. There are eight poses below including a Sten, two Brens and a bunch of rifles.

Airfix appears to continue its enthusiasm for paint-shed plastic so they guys got a spray primer, paint, magic dip and then paint-on matt sealer.

I also finished off the last of the armour with two more Char Bis. I used some 15mm decals and again painted on a matt sealer after hitting them with the magic dip.

Up next: I have a bunch of WW2 French infantry to finish and then onto the remainder of the German infantry. I picked up some more Zvezda as well as a box of African Korp Germans (only 1/72 Germans I could find). But I understand France is lovely in the spring and short pants are often in order. Time to break out some thick paint for these guys!


  1. Nice troops for your on-going project. I like the multi-basing and separate one-sies for casualty removal too. I use counters for multi-based figure casualties, but separate ones are nice too.

    1. Thank DeanM. Slow progress but I hope to have games on the table in May.

  2. Bob I have lots of 72nd scale miniatures. If your needing some let me know as I am in the initial stages of selling all my 72nd scale stuff.

  3. I could use some German infantry! Less urgent is some early war French and British armour.