Sunday, August 17, 2014

Late Roman cavalry

I've almost finished a major reorganization of the hobby room. Part of the work was identifying half-finished projects and queuing them up for completion.

Today I finished some MiniArt 1/72-scale Late Roman cavalry that have been lingering on the workbench since May or June. I quite like the MiniArt German troops I have painted but these have been sculpted by a different artist and lack the depth and grit of the earlier troops I've done.

There are 20 figures in five poses. The pose I like the least is the middle fellow (above). I painted these guys as per the box but the golden armour isn't great. And the mail needs a bit more depth to pop with a wash. The other two armoued guys could work as dark age troops in lots of settings. The lighter troops (javelin and bow) are also useful and, I think, more interesting poses.

Up next: There is club night on Tuesday (much looking forward to this) and I have some 1/72-scale WW2 French underway. As we're in the midst of apple season in Edmonton, progress will likely be slow until September.


Phil said...

Great looking cavalry, beautiful paint job and poses!

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks Phil. Meh. Maybe I'll change my mind later. Happy they are off the to-do list and on the "painted" shelf!

Sean said...

I like Miniart, I just wish the figures didn't have so much flash when they come out of the box. Nice work on these.

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks Sean. Yeah, tricky to carve the flash out from between the horses legs without gelding them!