Thursday, May 29, 2014

Nap board games night

With a break in the soccer schedule, I snuck out to Bruce's to try two Napoleonic board games. First up Bruce introduced me to Field Commander: Napoleon, a solo game where you battle your way through 11 campaigns. We played the first and I managed to beat the system (lucky, apparently!). Quite an interesting system.

Then Bruce hauled out a CCN scenario: French versus Russians with an interesting time pressure mechanic (Russian flanking maneuver driven by the cards played).

I felt good until Bruce vaporized my left flank in the first two moves (ouch). Then I only drew "right flank cards. Even good dice couldn't prevent Bruce from stomping me flat.

Up next: I have a battle report from Justin's MayDay game to post. Then a few more Romans underway on the painting table.

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