Wednesday, December 25, 2013

88mm ATG battery

Some more 15mm Battlefront figures for a commission. This time a battery of 88s with crews and transport acountrements.

These were quite nice kits. They are actually DAK figures so there are a couple of paint conversions of guys in shorts. There was also a guy in shorts and shirtless that I decided to leave off the base (it was already crowded with crew) because the figure was distinctly unmilitary in its look.

I followed the same camo patterns as for yesterday's infantry. It is hard to get a good shot of 15mm camo! Overall, these turned out quite nicely--the shading put in some nice shadows and highlights.

Up next: In a few days I should have some more 15mm WW2. Likely a better of howitzers, some Soviet security troops and a bunch of pioneers. That should finish off this commission and then back to some 1/72 ancients.

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