Monday, April 1, 2013

15mm US anti-tank and command units

I have just finished the last of a commission I took on to paint a 15mm group of US units for the Battle of the Bulge. 

There is a platoon of 57mm anti-tank guns. I'm not sure how well these will fare against the jadgtigers in the fellow's German army... . I see that I forgot to include the platoon commander in this shot (he is below).

There are all 10 bases of bazooka teams. And then (left to right) the ATG commander, the company commander and the 2ic for the company. I need to do a touch more work on the bases (sealing the snow and putting on some command markings) but these should be finished up tonight.

Up next: The club runs on Tuesday and I hope to play some Warbirds. And I have some 1/72 Roman light troops that have been giving me the stink eye as I painted these WW2 fellows.

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