Saturday, March 9, 2013

Misc. 28mm ancients for sale


As I sort through the hobby room while waiting for the garden to thaw, I've run across another bunch of ancients that I'd like to move on. I've used these as a Carthaginian army but they could also form part of a Greek or Spanish army. I've broken them into lots and I'm simply going to take offers.

All figures are on 60mm frontages. A quick soak and these guys would pop off for rebasing. I will ship each base individually bubble wrapped.

Shipping in Canada or the US on each lot of $15. If you buy two lots, shipping is $25. Three or four lots is $35. This approximates the trade off of weight and size.

Lot 1: There are six bases (24 figures) of metal RAFM Greeks with spears. The guys with round shields have body armour while the guys with oval shields are in tunics. A fair variety of colours in the painting.

Lot 2: There are nine bases (23 figures) of metal RAFM Celts with a mix of spear, swords, clubs and bows. These guys are quite colourful and can work with almost any ancient army as auxiliaries.

Lot 3: There are five bases (12 figures) of metal cavalry and one base of metal lions. Horsemen are mostly Old Glory but there are two mystery figures. The lions are Clan Wars. I used these horse as Carthaginian cavalry but again, would serve in a large number of armies. The lions add an interesting fantasy element.

Lot 4: There are 14 bases (28 figures) of plastic Wargames Factory light troops. These include spear armed troops with light armour (helms and shields), some skirmishers (bow and javelin) and slingers. Very useful troops for a wide variety of armies.

All from a smoke- and pet-free home if that is important. Offers to

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