Monday, June 4, 2012

FS 28mm HoTT medieval army 2

This is the second of three 28mm HoTT medieval armies I am looking to part with to free-up some shelf space. These are all based on 60mm frontages (depths vary to accommodate the models) and they come from a smoke- and pet-free homes. This army comprises 40 AP and a camp.

First up are five bases of metal spear (Black Tree Design, I think) (so 5x2Ap) plus a camp. I may need to detach the guys on the walkway for shipping to avoid damage to the pikes. Simply to re-attach with crazy glue.

There are two large bases of plastic GW bowmen. These I play as hordes (2x1AP) but you could also play them as shooters (2x2AP).

There are three bases of metal musketmen (3x2AP) from Old Glory.

There are three bases of plastic GW Bretonnians, include a hero (1x4AP) and 2 knights or riders (2x2AP).

There are five bases of foot that I would play as spear (5x2AP) but two you could also play as blades. These are Perry plastic figures. Finally, there are two bases of flyers (2x2AP).

Shipping in Canada or the US will vary but will be about $25. This includes individually bubble-wrapping the bases and floating them in shredded paper. Iw ould like $120 OBO plus shipping. Offers to .