Sunday, April 8, 2012

Malifaux Arcanists

I'm almost done a commission of Malifaux figures. Today, I have finished a box of Arcanists, featuring Colette. I have no idea what super powers she has but the olde timey hooker look was interesting to paint. Sort of a Weird Wild West theme.

These were very nice models, with minimal flash and only a few tricky joins to make. The mannequins below have fairly delicate arms that will not withstand much in the way of sheering force!

The only other names figure (at least on the box) is the centre figure below (Cassandra). The others are just "performers". I basically followed the box art for colour schemes. The nylons posed an interesting challenge! A good translucent effect is hard to achieve.

Lots of big bows on the butt (sort of a nightmare bridesmaid effect). But also an opportunity for some wet-on-wet blending.

Up next: I have the remaining pieces (a swarm of mechanic spiders and some bomb-toting piglets) drying. Then I have some more GW plastic tyranids and some guys with big guns to paint. After that I'm not sure--perhaps some more renaissance?

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