Sunday, April 17, 2011

How much wood would a wookie chuck...

I continue to chip away at the pile of villianous scum... errr... rebel freedom fighter that litter my table. Last night I finished 18 wookies. No idea why this lot came with so many wookies, but I based them in threes and will likely use them as warband. The lack of poses makes the whole thing look a bit like a Robert Palmer wookie music video.

Up next: More Star Wars rebels are sorted and await spray priming. I also need to look at the pile of figures and see what is next. Maybe some more 28mm plastics. And the club is Tuesday.


  1. Thanks. Amazing what a drybrush and wash will do on the right figure!

  2. In retrospect, with all that matted hair, it is more like a ZZ Top video. "...every girl's crazy about the guy who flies with Han, da-doot-do-dah-dah-do-da-doo..".