Friday, March 18, 2011

More 10mm Soviets

I completed the second (of three) batches of 10mm Soviets last night. This one includes 8 APCs and three armoured cars, all by Minifigs.

I received a request for "greener" colours on this batch and have obliged. It is a bit difficult to tell from these pictures but here is a side-by-side of this batch (left) versus the first batch (right). The newer batch is greener.

I spent some time on the web trying to figure out how to assemble the armour cars with rockets on them and I think I got it right.

Up next: I have four goblin warband done and drying. I am building the last of the Soviets--assembling the Hinds is daunting! I also have a bunch of 1/72-scale War of 1812 Brits that I just mounted on paint sticks and the remainder of my 28mm vikings built and awaiting priming.


  1. The camo pattern is really nice. How exactly did you do it as I might use that on my 15mm scifi stuff.

  2. Love the pattern. What will you use them for?

  3. Primed white, overall wash of an acrylic green (medium foliage green, I think), then a wash of the darker stripes (ivy green, I think) then details the tires and missiles and then washed with the dip.